"SSI contracted Human Ventures to produce a collection of stories from people with disability, showcasing their unique experiences for the broader community. Human Ventures had great consideration and focus on supporting the storytellers, which was very important for our organisation and program. They were flexible during the project with additions and changes. The final product is of a very high quality, which is evidence of their experience and professionalism."
Operations Manager,
Ability Links NSW

The outcome...

We facilitated, designed and produced a beautiful hardcover book that we are very proud of, but more importantly, we were able to highlight personal stories of success and achievement from a wide range of people with disabilities thriving in and contributing to inclusive communities, while also conveying the importance of the work done by our client. Needless to say, the book launch was a roaring success!

Watch the video of the whole process below.

"This has been a good opportunity to follow my dream that I gave up because I thought it was impossible."
project participant
100% of our profits contribute to the sustainability of our much-needed programs such as Creative Tracks, which address disadvantage in regional and remote communities while building confidence, hope and resilience. 

Profit for purpose

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 Settlement Services International


To facilitate, produce and design a book of powerful stories that captures the diverse experiences and achievements of refugees, migrants and regional Australians with disabilities while also showcasing the important work Settlement Services International and their Ability Links program is delivering in New South Wales.

Our brief...

We delivered storytelling and advocacy workshops to Ability Links clients in Western Sydney and Queanbeyan, documenting in-depth conversations with each participant to ensure everyone’s story was genuinely captured in their own words. Our workshops also supported participants to develop storytelling skills including structure, style, narrative, audience and desired impact.


While the stories were being refined, our design team was busy creating custom visual assets to reflect items and ideas that participants had indicated were significant to their story. Through a collaborative feedback process with key stakeholders, we finalised the design, layout and narrative elements.


Our team delivered a consultation workshop with participants to co-design the launch event, covering all logistics including venue, scheduling, programming and public speaking training as well as conceptual aspects such as purpose, audience, marketing and media coverage. Our designers then produced digital and print collateral for the book’s launch, maintaining a collaborative and consistent design aesthetic.

Our approach...

Our Tools & Skills


community consultation




print liaison and management

graphic design, photography & illustration

art direction

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